We are all aware of the important work that charities do and their contribution to our communities.  That’s why we were so inspired to get involved in the 2.6 challenge.

The current social distancing measures have been challenging over the last weeks, people miss seeing their friends and family and their normal routines and activities.  Staff across the services have been working hard to minimise the impact of this.  With the local gym closed and generally less walking going on, the 2.6 challenge was a great opportunity to get physical, work as a team and to do something helpful for charity.

So, what can we do whilst maintaining social distancing?  Always creative, we got to work to come up with some ideas that would mean that anyone who wanted to, could get involved in some way.  This did not stop at activities for the residents, some of the staff and their families got involved too.

Please visit our  Just Giving page if you would like to sponsor us if you haven’t already.  I’m sure you will be inspired by the incredible efforts of the residents in our services.

Sunday 24th April, 2.6 challenge launch day

Virtual Mountain Climb

The day began with Sarah, our Managing Director kicking things off with her family challenge.  Together, they collectively climbed and descended enough staircases to make it the equivalent of climbing Mount Snowdon!  There were some rather aching legs for several days.


26 overs of Cricket

Read the full match report here The Wickets it really is worth the click!


Sylvia started her challenge to ride for 26 minutes on her exercise bike an amazing 26 times!


Sandra started her fun filled challenge of 26 minutes of Just Dance for the next 6 days.

Felicity and Ted

Felicity, Registered Manager at The Grange and her son began their challenge to run and cycle a full marathon over a few days, this was particularly challenging for Ted who is 7 years old and has only recently learnt to ride his bike!


Ed who is Development Coordinator at The Grange also committed to running the 26 miles of a full marathon over 5 days and started his challenge on what would have been the London Marathon Day.

Then, the rain came…….

Whilst the rain came down, the residents opted to continue with some of their indoor challenges which spanned over a few days.  However, Felicity, Ted and Ed still continued to add to their miles.

Thursday 30th April

This was a great day of success.


Kathy used her exercise bike to cycle for 2.6 kilometres, this is a brilliant achievement for Kathy following knee surgery!


Sylvia and Sandra

The ladies smashed their challenges and as you can see from the photographs they were rightfully very pleased with themselves!

Friday 1st April


Ed completed his 26 miles of running on his 5th run.  Great job!


26 Second Circuits

Various circuit training exercises were arranged which included trampolining, star jumps, planking, press-ups, sit ups and hula hooping at The Grange.  The residents were amazing and have some excellent skills!

Saturday 2nd May

The final day of our challenges, people were getting tired but were equally energised by all the activity but most of all the fun they had been having.

Felicity and Ted

Completed their marathon with an incredible 8 mile run / cycle.


26 laps around the village green in Benenden


I’m sure you’ll agree that the efforts put in by the residents, team and their families is amazing!  The Grange set themselves a fundraising target of £1000, they are so close to achieving this but need a few more donations to get there.  If you would like to sponsor them for all their hard work, you can do so here.

Here are a few video highlights of our very own 2.6 CHAMPIONS!