Hear how Bethany brought the sense of achievement from winning a National Award to the people she supports at The Grange.

National Award Winner 2018

On the 29th June 2018 I became a proud owner of a National Learning Disability and Autism award in the Support Worker category.  Here we celebrated the outstanding work in Learning Disability Services in England, joining together for one remarkable event.

During my time at the awards evening I was overwhelmed with the amount of positive spirit and encouragement of great work.  It was amazing to have the opportunity to celebrate with other staff members who joined me at the event.  If I could bottle the atmosphere that evening, I knew I could spread happiness and sense of achievement elsewhere.

Since the awards evening in Birmingham, The Grange has faced some challenges that we have done so well to overcome.  One challenge that faced us and the whole world is of course COVID-19 and another being the understanding of mental health and how this impacts the people we support and our teams.

Bringing the awards to The Grange

Remembering some of the uplifting approaches used in the national awards event, I decided that I would attempt to create our very own awards night right here at The Grange to recognise the achievements and individuality of each person we support.

Activities were created in craft, making homemade awards that represented The Grange as we know it!  Using the letter G, as you can see in the pictures, and puzzle pieces to illustrate that we are all part of something beautiful.

Celebrating the individuality of each person

Personalised certificates were created to highlight the outstanding achievements and wonderful personalities we have here.  Each award had a title such as ‘pat on the back’ and ‘strictly amazing’ which characterised the individual too.

The Black Tie event

We celebrated their achievements with a black tie gold themed party, welcome drinks started the evening followed by the awards presentation and a three course fish and chip dinner.  Staff and supported individuals danced the night away with a very special Grange disco.  Everybody seemed to enjoy their evening!  The reactions to their awards were far greater than I could have imagined and the atmosphere matched what I had set out to do.

The Grange awards evening is just one example of how we promote enriched, fulfilled and happy lives.  Mission accomplished!

By Bethany – Senior Support Worker