It is well documented how fortunate everyone at The Grange is to enjoy not only a beautiful outside space, but also one of significant historical importance.

The summer months can often feel brief compared to what can sometimes feel like a very long and drawn out winter.

That is exactly why this year we have decided to refurbish and upgrade the outside space. This will allow for each and every individual we support to enjoy being outside, but it will also let us use the space we have for leisure activities, relaxation and maybe even an outdoor cinema! and parties of course, we love a party!

Coming out of winter we were faced with a very tired looking patio area.

The individuals have chosen how they would like their seating area to look and what they would like in it. Everyone helped to get it ready for the delivery of some new furniture.

Bit my bit, it is all coming together.

All there is left to do now is enjoy our stunning surroundings.