The Grange has been around for 25 years plus.

During this time we have grown, evolved and become who we are today.

In 2017, under our new ownership and leadership, we set ourselves a challenge:

we wanted to develop a new logo which reflected
the values of who we are,
the journey we are going through and
what we are all about

Scroll down to read through the journey of our logo – a symbolic gesture of the journey of us.

Our previous logo

We had our old logo for a number of years.

Our old logo

We were feeling that this logo was quite dated, not digitally friendly, and was not inviting or rememberable. It also didn’t represent us. 

Alongside this, we had no clear message that said

“this is The Grange – this is our brand, this is us”

 So we decided that we would change it.

A way forward

In early 2017, we commissioned a small, local company (Burning Leaf Creatives) who believe and act like we do – person focused, responsive and enthusiastic.

We set about the challenge of creating a logo and brand which represented our history and, most importantly, our future.

We also wanted a logo which gives a feeling of a bigger organisation, but still reflects our small business and friendly, inviting approach; whilst also being unique and professional.

It also needed to be ‘flowing’ to represent the life journey the people who use our services go through, and for whom we seek to make a positive difference.

No small challenge.

The design brief

At the start of the design challenge, we knew what we wanted.

As a summary, we wanted a logo which:

  • represented our environment, but which wasn’t constrained by it
  • built on our history, but which represented the journey we are going through
  • would stand the test of time
  • gave a feeling of a bigger organisation whilst being a small business and showed our friendly and inviting approach
  • ‘flowed’ to represent the life journey that people who use our services go through
  • should be a mix of an icon with text
  • include pink and greens

The logo also needed to be relevant for the services that we currently provide, and stay relevant as we continue to grow and expanded to provide greater support across our local community.

Creating our brand

1. Starting with our colours

We wanted our logo to be based around two main colours – pinks and greens.

The pinks were to represent the cherry blossom trees that The Grange building is historically famous for.
[Note: You can read more about that on Naoke Abe’s website]

Beetroot and apple juice

We started with pastel shades. From there we tried and tested more ‘neon’ style colours, one of which was inspired by a drink our chief executive, Sarah, was drinking whilst doing this activity: beetroot and apple juice.

After much testing, we ended up with the following three colours which formed the base of the logo design, two primary colours and an abstract colour to provide emphasis where needed –

Our colour schemes

2. Logo design

After we identified the colour scheme, we looked at how we could bring these together into a logo design that balanced what we wanted along with the flair and creativity of Burning Leaf.

We come up with a number of concept ideas to start the discussions –

Some of these we liked. Some went straight into the bin. But they served their purpose, they helped us focus on we liked and what we disliked.

There was one design that we really liked so we worked on that one a bit more. We even started sketching ourselves:
The circles and three words symbolised our new vision for us:

  • Enriched
  • Fulfilled
  • Happy

Once we had a design that we liked, we worked on refining it.

We decided that we needed to drop the words from the logo as they become difficult to read when used as a small logo, but we kept the three rings.

The three rings moved slightly to overlap in the trunk of the tree and the branches swopped over the circles. Again this is symbolic of our support and approach.
But we didn’t lose the three words – they were kept for later in the project…more later.

3. Font scheme

Once we had a brand colour scheme and logo concept, we started to consider what font scheme would suit the ‘brand voice’ that we wanted.

We wanted something that ‘flowed’; which looked human; but also looked professional.

We shortlisted a handful of font schemes, some formal, some informal. Some Serif, some Sans Serif and some Script. We mixed up some more corporate sales along with some friendly, hand written styles to give us something to think about and make a decision on.

After much deliberating, feedback and user testing, we settled on the following font scheme –

Our font scheme

4. Font colour

We then designed the logo with a set of four different coloured fonts:

This is where we reached out the individuals who we support.

We asked them all to vote on which one they liked, after all, we are here for them so we felt that it was only right that they had the final say.

The final product

And once all the votes were in, this was the winner:

Final logo
Our final logo

At the beginning of this journey, we set ourselves the challenge of developing a new logo which reflected –

1. the values of who we are

2. the journey we are going through

3. what we are all about

We hope you agree that we have done this.

We are proud of our logo.

It’s us, in an image.