The Leadership Team

Wendy Doyle is Director of Transformation and Change

Wendy is part of the Senior Management Team of Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF).  Wendy is the Nominated Individual with the CQC and provides support to the team.

 Nicky Pooley is our Acting Operations  Manager

I joined The Grange (2016) Ltd in 2012 after previously working as an Assistant Company Secretary for a large plc.  It didn’t take me long to realise that The Grange (2016) Ltd is a very special place!

As Acting Operations Manager for the business, I head up an amazing team who work diligently to provide care, support and opportunities to the individuals we support which is second to none!  My passion for the Grange is enormous.  It offers something incredibly special to everyone who either work or live here. 

The enthusiasm that myself and my team have for giving people the best experiences in life knows no bounds, and it is our pleasure to make sure the people we support live enriched, fulfilled and happy lives.

 Tracy Branch is the Deputy Manager at The Grange

I started working at the Grange in 2014 after spending the previous 27 years working in the catering industry, I started as the cook and quickly began working support shifts and found I loved it.

I was later made a Senior and really enjoyed the challenges the role brought, I spent the next 6 ½ years in the role until 1st April (no joke) 2021 when I successfully landed the role of Deputy Manager.

I am very passionate about The Grange and the individuals we support, I feel its an honour and a privilege to work in such an amazing place with a dedicated caring team.

 Sam Wise is Team Leader for our Cranbrook Services

I joined the Grange group at the end of January 2021 as a Team Leader for the Wheatfield houses. I came from a caring background for many years.

Since joining The Grange I’ve been given the opportunity straight away to further my career and study for my Level 5 Adult Care Worker Qualification and have lots of support along the way with my position too.  The whole atmosphere makes it a lovely place to work, I’m very grateful to everyone for their support and will be here for many years to come.

 Bethany Harden is Senior Support Worker at The Grange

I am a senior support worker at The Grange and I honestly love my job!  I work alongside our other awesome seniors to organise day to day shifts, plan exciting events for the people we support and add a creative spin to every opportunity.

I like to use the materials around me to create imaginative memories for the people we support. working closely with our team, together we offer unique skills that work well together.  I have been involved in planning activities such as elegant tea parties, mad hatters party and our very own awards evening.

I truly believe we offer happy, enriched and fulfilled lives.  With the support of OEF I look forward to what the future holds for us.

 Elizabeth Vargas-de-Cyster is Senior Support Worker at The Grange

 Lucy Thomas is Senior Support Worker at The Grange