The Care Quality Commission (CQC), visited our Residential service in August to carry out an inspection.

We are delighted that Wheatfield Drive achieved an overall Good rating and is good in all areas.

A few of the highlights:

Safe GoodOne staff member told us, “I’ve had good training. I know I can speak
to my line manager, or other managers if I wanted to. We can speak to on-call if anything happened out of office hours.”
Effective GoodThe house had a homely feel to it, and one person told us, “I’m proud of where I live and how it looks.”
Caring goodPeople told us they thought the staff were caring and that they were treated with respect. One person told us, “They always care about all of us.”
responsive goodWhen new staff were needed, people told us they were involved in the recruitment process by having the chance to meet potential candidates before the interview process to see if they got along with them. They also had the opportunity to ask questions during the interviews and their opinions formed the basis on whether candidates were recruited.
well led goodOne member of staff told us, “I feel valued.  I’ve done a lot of care, and it’s not always been like this.”


A huge well done to Janet and her team for their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment to achieve Enriched, Fulfilled and Happy lives.

You can read the full report here