In September The Grange were inspected by the Care Quality Commission over two days.  We are absolutely delighted that the service was rated overall Good with a rating of Outstanding in Responsive.  The inspector spoke with staff, professionals, family members and supported individuals as part of the inspection process, here are a few highlights of what people had to say.

Safe Good

It’s a lovely, safe environment. The other residents look out for him, they treat him like he’s their little brother

Effective Good

We spoke to a health professional, who fed back, “They are always keen to learn. I’m working with them on how one person manages their behaviour, and staff have shown an eagerness to do all they can to help them. I’m about to provide some training to them.”


A relative said, “I was impressed that they gave them information about the flu jab rather than just assuming they want it, or should have it.”

Caring good

“They know [relative] so well now. I don’t think there’s anywhere quite like it.” And a staff member said, “I feel proud and privileged to share their lives.”


Staff understood the importance of providing person-centred support. One told us,
“Everything we do is for them. Just because they have a disability doesn’t mean they can’t be in charge of how they want things done.”

The Grange Outstanding

A relative said, “The care is individual. It’s about her needs and how she wants things to be done. They listen to her and try to accommodate what she wants.”


A health professional fed back to us, “I get the sense that they genuinely
want to make a positive difference to people’s lives. They’re so enthusiastic about everything.”


A health professional told us, “I see integration with the local community
which I’ve not come across before. They’re coming up with innovative ideas for meaningful occupation, and people are able to put back in to the community.”


The registered manager said, “We just want to support people to be
valued sons and daughters, so they can feel part of their family. Just like we feel with our families.”

well led good

A staff member said, “I am supported by the managers. I like them, and they
listen to us. They’ve made a lot of changes for the better recently. It feels like we all work as a team now.”


One staff member said, “They notice when you do something good. They say thank you. It inspires you to do better for the people who live here.”

I am extremely proud of the hard work and commitment that Felicity and the team have undertaken to make sure that the service provided is truly person centred.  The achievement of an Outstanding domain is fantastic and well deserved.  Congratulations to everyone involved.

Sarah Edwards, Chief Executive.

The full report can be found here.