Mark has always wanted to have a ride on a motorbike, on Saturday 12th January 2019, we made that happen.

The team began to make enquiries with acquaintances in December to find someone with a motorbike with a sidecar.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t fruitful.

Sarah the Chief Executive took to Social Media on the evening of Thursday 10th January and used local ‘helping pages’ on Facebook to see if anyone could help.  Within minutes Sarah was in touch with John who lives locally and owns a Trike.  John was keen to help and quickly due to the reports of snow coming to Kent.

John contacted his network and made arrangements for 4 bikes to come and meet Mark on Saturday afternoon and to fulfil his wish of going out for a ride.


We are delighted to say that Mark absolutely loved his ride out to Tenterden and back on the custom built bike.

Huge thanks to all the bike owners for taking time out of their weekend to make Mark’s dreams come true.